In a nutshell

In 2000 the ResOrtho Foundation was founded by Christian Gerber, MD with the goal to advance Orthopaedics by supporting research, continuous education and training.


Prof. Dr. Christian Gerber,
President of the Foundation Board

Dear Reader,

The quality of life of a growing number of persons is limited by musculosceletal problems. Today's treatment options often give relief but fail to cure the respective conditions.

Available health care resources hardly suffice to ensure the mandatory care for all of us. Funds for the investigation of new methods and technologies are scarce, funds for the long and demanding education of future top quality surgeons are essentially unavailable.

Only new research results can prevent future desease and develop strategies to cure. The implementation of such new research results without undue delay will be vital and can only be guaranteed by open minded, broadly educated surgeons and opinion leaders.

It is the goal of the ResOrtho Foundation to support the investigation of the causes of musculoskeletal diseases and their future treatment as well as the education of future academic opinion leaders. To fulfil this goal, ResOrtho funds selected, promising scientific research projects and/or creates or supports educational positions.

We are happy to provide you with an insight into our activities and very much hope that our motivation and effort will find your interest and maybe your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information - your interest is gratefully appreciated.

Christian Gerber, MD
Professor emeritus 
Founder and President of the Foundation Board