Long-term commitment of the ResOrtho foundation

The ResOrtho Foundation has the following main focuses of its engagements:

Balgrist Campus

Balgrist Campus has been the biggest project since existence of the ResOrtho Foundation.
For more information about the Balgrist Campus please click here.

Support of Scientific Projects

ResOrtho supports clinical and experimental scientific projects in Orthopaedics mostly conducted by employees of Uniklinik Balgrist and/or in cooperation with ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) of Zurich.

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Sponsorship of the individual academic career

ResOrtho supports young gifted Orthopaedists by educational grants for training abroad in order to gain exceptional clinical or scientific knowledge with the hope to thereby pave the way for an academic career.

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Intercontinental Harvard - Balgrist Shoulder Fellowship (1999-2007)

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