Highlights: Honours, Awards and Promotions

  • 2016:

    In December 2016, the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research declared the Balgrist Campus to be a research facility of national importance, just one year after it had been opened.



  • 2014:
    The ResOrtho Foundation workforce grew larger in 2014 and welcomes Dr. Eric Honegger as a new Member of the Foundation Board.
    Arthur Steindler Award (Prof. C. Gerber)
  • 2013:
    Prof. M. Flück commenced his appointment on 1 February 2013 (newly created Professorship in Muscle Biology).
    Building approval for Balgrist Campus on 14 May 2013; foundation stone ceremony on 4 September 2013.
  • 2012:
    The new professorship for muscle biology has been assigned to Prof. Martin Flück.
    The building approval for Balgrist Campus has been granted and excavation work has commenced.
  • 2011:
    The property development contract with the cantonal government was signed. The pre-project for the Balgrist campus was awarded to the architects Daniel Wentzlaff (Nissen & Wentzlaff Architekten BSA SIA AG in Basel).

    In September 2011, a second Ragtime event took place at which the ResOrtho Foundation presented information on the progress of the new Professorship in Muscle Biology and the "Balgrist Campus" project. Thus, the procurement of the funds for the Balgrist Campus continued to forge ahead.

    Images of this Ragtime event.
  • 2010:
    The newly created double Professorship in Muscle Biology for the benefit of the university and the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich was established at Balgrist University Hospital
    . The bestowal contract between the ResOrtho Foundation and the University of Zurich was signed on 16.12.2010 and incorporated by the university board into the regular professorship plan (2011/2012).

    The ResOrtho Foundation and the Balgrist Association founded Balgrist Campus AG. The purpose of Balgrist Campus AG is to develop a building for musculoskeletal research and development on the land directly in front of Balgrist University Hospital. The board of directors of Balgrist Campus AG is composed of representatives of both the ResOrtho Foundation and the board of the Balgrist Association.
  • 2009:
    During a Ragtime event, ResOrtho initiated the procurement of funds for a new professorship in muscle biology and was able to secure the required funds of CHF 7 million by the end of the year. In connection with the procurement of funds for the professorship in muscle biology, a well-known sponsor has declared his intention to provide the ResOrtho Foundation with the funds for a new musculoskeletal research centre.

    Images of this Ragtime event.
  • 2007:
    Kappa Delta OREF Clinical Research Award (C. Gerber): "Rotator Cuff Disease: From Scientific understanding to Patient Care."
    More Links: Kappa Delta Background / Kappa Delta Winners / OREF Grant Recipients / Kappa Delta

    Charles S. Neer Award: "Reversion of Structural Muscular Changes caused by chronic rotator cuff tendon tearing using continuous musculotendinous traction..." (C. Gerber, M. Zumstein, E. Frey, B. von Rechenberg, H. Hoppeler, B. Jost, D. Meyer)
  • 2006:
    1. Marathon-Award of the Swiss Society for Orthopaedic Surgery (SGOT): "Loss of the subchondral sclerosis on ap radiographs of the shoulder...." (L. Jankauskas, H.A. Rüdiger, C.W.A. Pfirrmann, B. Jost, C. Gerber)
    Links: SGO / SGO Awards

    3. Marathon-Award of the Swiss Society for Orthopaedic Surgery (SGOT): "Evolution of non-operatively treated supraspinatus tears" (A.L. von Roll, B. Jost, S. Fucentese, C.W.A. Pfirrmann, C. Gerber)
  • 2005:
    Science Award of the Swiss Society of Sports Medicine: "MRI findings in throwing shoulders" (B. Jost, M. Zumstein)
    Link: SGSM

    Certificate of Merit (1. Preis für bestes Video) of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: "Latissimus Dorsi Transfer" (C. Gerber)
    Link: AAOS
  • 2004:
    C. Gerber: "Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons" of Edinburgh
  • 2003:
    C. Gerber: Honorary Member of SOFCOT "Société Française de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologie"
  • 2002:
    Marathon-Award of the Swiss Society for Orthopaedic Surgery (SGOT): "Prävalenz und Relevanz von pathologischen MRI-Befunden bei Wurfsportlern" (B. Jost, M. Zumstein)