Intercontinental Harvard-Balgrist-Shoulder Fellowship (1999-2007)

The ResOrtho Foundation sponsored a fellowship for the Orthopaedics Department of Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich from 1999 to 2007,  which was created by Prof. C. Gerber together with Prof. J.P. Warner of Harvard Medical School.

The fellows spent 6 months each with the shoulder teams at Balgrist University Hospital and Harvard Medical School and in this way have been able to extend their knowledge with two internationally recognised surgeons. The advanced training for fellows focused, on the one hand, on clinical and surgical skills, and, on the other, on scientific processing of individual questions within the specialty.

In 2007, the exponents of this successful Harvard - Balgrist Shoulder Fellowship decided not to continue with it. The main reason for this is the very difficult work permit practice in the USA since 11.09.2001 that has made a fellowship of this kind extraordinarily difficult for non-American applicants.

Previous fellows of the Harvard - Balgrist Shoulder Fellowships:

  • Elisabeth McAllister (2009)
  • Ali Djahangiri, 2007/2008
  • Jonathan R. Goff (USA), 2007
  • Marius von Knoch (D), 2006/2007
  • Scott Pennington (USA), 2006
  • Ryan W. Simovitch (USA), 2005/2006
  • John Costouros (USA), 2005
  • Todd O'Brien (USA), 2004/2005
  • Todd Atkinson (USA), 2004
  • St. Jehmlich (D), 2003/2004
  • Ed Yian (USA), 2003
  • Mike Gilbart (USA), 2002/2003
  • T. Holovacs (USA), 2002
  • Georg Lajtai (A), 2001/2002
  • John C. Macy (USA), 2001
  • Patrice Tétreault (CAN), 2000/2001
  • Per Wahlström (S), 2000
  • Ariane Gerber (CH), 1999/2000