Sponsorship of the individual academic career

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Sponsorship of the individual academic career

The ResOrtho Foundation has sponsored the following fellowships and/or continuous education of Balgrist doctors:

Paolo Fornaciari
Sports Orthopedic Fellowship in Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa

„Thanks to the financial support of the ResOrtho Foundation, I had the great opportunity to undertake a fantastic fellowship with two great orthopedic surgeons in South Africa: Dr Daan du Plessis (knee surgeon in Pretoria) and Dr de Beer (shoulder surgeon in Cape Town). Both these two extraordinary surgeons are specialized in the treatment of sport injuries and could operate many of the best rugby and cricket players of the country. They were also both specialized in prosthetic treatment of unsavable joints. The clinical activity of these two surgeons is characterized by a high operation volume using the best available joint sparing techniques whenever possible, or otherwise a prosthetic solution. Thanks to this experience I could discover new point of views and approaches to athletes and ex-athletes enhancing my all-day practice and at the same time create new professional connections. I’m really grateful for the financial support of the ResOrtho Foundation."

Martin Flück
Endowed Professorship in muscle plasticity at Balgrist University Hospital

The ResOrtho Foundation sponsors the infrastructure of the Laboratory of muscle plasticity, which is established in the context of my appointment by the University of Zurich at Balgrist Hospital. The laboratory addresses clinical questions to explain unresolved phenomena about problems of the muscle mechanistically. The resulting concepts are developed in collaboration with clinical partners towards new methods of treatment.

I am very grateful to the ResOrtho Foundation for the substantial support of this project.

Mazda Farshad
Grant for clinical spine and scoliosis fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York (USA)
Grant for advanced training "Master of Public Health" (Universities of Zurich/Bern/Basel and Harvard)
Current position: Medical Director and Head of Spine Surgery, Balgrist University Hospital

"The ResOrtho Foundation contributed the unique opportunity to specialize in spine surgery with a clinical ACGME-accredited Spine / Scoliosis Fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. As chief spine fellow, I was able to gain broad experience in conservative and surgical treatment of all adult and pediatric spine pathologies. The experience included surgeries at the affiliated West Chester Medical Center and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The academic atmosphere and the status of a Senior Clinical Associate in Orthopedic Surgery at Cornell allowed building up a research group focusing on transitional anomalies and degenerative processes of the Spine.

Once again, I am grateful to the ResOrtho Foundation for having contributed to my personal, clinical and scientific education."

Eugene Ek (Australia)
Fellowship in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Uniklinik Balgrist, Zurich, Switzerland

"With the generous support of the ResOrtho Foundation I was very fortunate to undertake a clinical fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery under the mentorship of both Prof. Christian Gerber and Prof Dominik Meyer. During this fellowship, I was exposed to the most cutting edge techniques of shoulder and elbow surgery and was also given the opportunity to be involved in several research projects, particularly focusing on reverse shoulder arthroplasty. As I return back to Australia, I am confident that all that I have learnt at the Balgrist will strongly enhance my practice, both clinically and academically."

Patrick Zingg Patrick Zingg
Grant for a fellowship in orthopaedics and traumatology, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Current position: Team Leader Hip & Pelvis Surgery, Balgrist University Hospital

Due to the generous support of the ResOrtho Foundation I was able to experience a one-year clinical fellowship in Toronto at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (traumatology) and the Holland Orthopaedic and Arthritic Centre (knee and hip surgery) under the direction of Dr. Hans Kreder and Dr. Markku Nousiainen.

My fellowship in Toronto has not only advanced my clinical and surgical skills but was also a personal gain I wouldn't have missed and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the ResOrtho Foundation for helping me realizing this fellowship.

Hanspeter Huber
Fellowship in pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, Children's Hospital, University of Nancy (F)

"I had the precious opportunity to immerse myself into pediatric orthopedics and traumatology at the Children's Hospital of the University of Nancy, France. I could enormously benefit from this year to enlarge my knowledge and horizon in pediatric orthopedics and to improve my clinical and surgical abilities. Professor P. Lascombes and Professor P. Journeau were excellent teachers and mentors to guide my scientific projects during my stay. I would like to express my gratitude to the ResOrtho foundation for their generous financial support during this year".

Vera Sallen
Fellowship in Hand and Reconstructive Surgery in Paris/France.

"Travelling to France to do a fellowship in Hand and Reconstructive Surgery gave me the opportunity to work with Prof. AC. Masquelet and Prof. A. Gilbert and collegues. I gained further clinical, surgical and microsurgical experience allowing me to extend my knowledge of treatment of an array of upper limb conditions - my main focus of interest. Many thanks to the ResOrtho Foundation for funding this fellowship."

Hannes Rüdiger
Scholarship for advanced training in tumor surgery in Florence (Italy). Clinical fellowship in tumor surgery and traumatology in Melbourne (Australia).
The grant allowed me to specialize in the field of musculoskeletal tumor surgery. With Prof. Capanna (Florence/Italy) and Prof. Choong (Melbourne/Australia) I had two brilliant mentors who always supported me and of whom I learnt a lot in this field. I would like to thank ResOrtho for the generous financial support.
Patrick Steinmann
Scholarship in terms of time for a Master's Course at University of Zurich (phil. nat.)

"Der 1 ½ Jahre dauernde Studiengang, der durch die mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät zertifiziert ist und mit dem Titel "Master of Science in Medical Biology" abgeschlossen wird, vermittelt promovierten Ärzten in kondensierter Form wichtige Grundlagen molekularbiologischer Forschung. Ziel ist die Ausbildung von "Clinician-Scientists", Medizinern also, welche auch einen Beitrag in der Grundlagenforschung leisten."

Clément Werner
Scholarship for a spine and traumatology fellowship in Baltimore (USA) and a fellowship in pelvis traumatology in New York (USA).

"I spent the first six months of my fellowship in the Spine Surgery Team at University of Maryland and afterwards another six months at HSS in New York. I had the chance to enhance both my professional and personal skills and I would like to thank ResOrtho Foundation for the generous financial support."

Carola Würgler
Scholarship for a research fellowship in Philadelphia (USA).

"The Resortho Foundation provided essential support for my research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory. Under the mentorship of Prof. L.J. Soslowsky, I was immersed in a culture of science and had the opportunity to participate in clinically motivated basic research. I was supported in developing my own research path, and conducted and published a study on growth factor expression in an animal model of shoulder injury and healing. Through my ResOrtho fellowship, I was able to establish a solid foundation for my professional goal of combining orthopaedic research with my clinical work."

Norman Espinosa
Scientifical and clinical fellowship in foot surgery and paediatric orthopaedics at Baltimore and Boston (USA). 

"The ResOrtho Foundation gave me the unique opportunity and supported me during my extraordinary fellowships in order to specialize in Foot and Ankle surgery and to improve my skills in clinical research."